Swimming is an important life skill everyone should take the time to master. Swimming can be enjoyed recreationally or competitvely but most importantly it can save a life. The YMCA of Middletown recognizes just how important this skill is to everyone at any age and our  swimming instructors are dedicated to providing swimming programs for all ages and abilities, from the infant, child or adult who is terrified of the water to the child looking to make the swim team or the adult looking to compete in their first triathlon.

Please click here to learn more about our group swimming lessons including:
Parent & Child Swimming Lessons (S.K.I.P) for ages 6 months-3 years
Preschool Swimming Lessons for ages 3-5 years
Youth Swimming Lessons for ages 6-12 years
Teen & Adult Swimming Lessons for ages 13 years and older

Please click here to learn more about our private swimming lessons.

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