Our Get Started Program is designed for anyone just starting a fitness routine or returning health seekers. We want you to feel comfortable, confident and successful on your path to beginning a new healthier lifestyle.

We’ve created this 9 week, 45 minute Get Started Program to help you set safe attainable fitness goals, create a balanced routine, and encourage you to work at your own pace with guidance and support from qualified fitness professionals.

Get Started Program: $25

Upon completion of the program, your $25 will be credited to your YMCA account for use towards the purchase of YMCA apparel and merchandise available at our Welcome Center desk.

For more information or to be paired with a personal trainer who will help you meet your personal fitness goals contact us!

YMCA OF MIDDLETOWN: tel: 845-956-1550 or Email 

SOFY: tel: 845-956-1488 or Email 

Or stop by any branch for details!