Get Started & Orientation

Base Camp & Get Started YMCA OF MIDDLETOWN

Base Camp was designed to provide a smaller more private space for personal training, small group trianing and individual members to enjoy a quiet workout in a less crowded space.

This room was also designed with the understanding that starting a fitness routine can be very difficult for new or returning health seekers. We want you to feel comfortable, confident and successful on your path to beginning a new healthier lifestyle so we’ve created a 9 week Get Started Program to help you set safe attainable fitness goals, create a balanced routine, and encourage you to work at your own pace with guidance and support from qualified fitness professionals.

What is the GET STARTED Program?

  • Weekly 45-minute sessions with an Exercise Coach in a small group following a 9 week lesson plan
  • Exercises begin slowly, safely and gradually increasing over the 9 weeks
  • Informational handouts on wellness and nutrition
  • Your exercise coach will closely monitor your attendance, provide support, motivation and encouragement while teaching you the basics of fitting activity into your lifestyle
  • All coaching sessions will be at the same time, on your selected day of the week
  • Sessions cannot be made up on an individual basis


This $25.00 program is available to YMCA Members only.
Upon completion of the program, your $25 will be credited to your YMCA account for use towards the purchase of YMCA apparel and merchandise available at our Welcome Center desk.

For more information about the Get Started program at the YMCA of Middletown please contact:

Kelly Patterson
845 344 9622 ext.248

Group Exercise


Participation in group fitness classes is an easy and fun way to get in shape. With so many classes to choose from, the YMCA of Middletown has classes to meet the needs of all fitness levels. Classes are included in membership unless otherwise specified.

Please take a moment to explore our class schedule below.

Not sure if a class is right for you?
Just ask us or come take a peek to find out.
Our instructors want you to meet your fitness goals and are always willing to provide modifications when necessary.

View the current group exercise schedule using our Quick Links

Personal Training


The expertise you need is right here at the YMCA!  All YMCA personal trainers are nationally certified to ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to develop a wellness program to best address your specific needs and interests. YMCA trainers are also hired for their passion and commitment to upholding the Y’s mission to help you reach your fullest potential. Personal Training is available to YMCA Members only.

Personal Training Options:

The Introduction: Great Value! One time only.
3 Sessions for $105.00.

Personal Training: Receive the individual attention you want and
need by working one-on-one with a certified YMCA personal trainer.
1 session – $47.00
3 sessions – $135.00
5 sessions – $210.00
10 sessions – $370.00

Partner Training (2-on-1): Pair up with a friend or loved one and develop
a customized plan together with the help of your YMCA personal trainer.
1 session – $75.00 per pair
3 sessions – $204.00 per pair
5 sessions – $310.00 per pair
10 sessions – $590.00 per pair

For more information or to be paired with a personal trainer who will help you meet your personal fitness goals, please contact Kelly Patterson at 845 956 1550 or

Health forms and member agreements must be filled out prior to purchase.




Water exercise classes are beneficial to everyone regardless of age or ability and are especially beneficial to those suffering from arthritis, hip and leg injuries, or who find it difficult to exercise on dry land. The biggest benefit to exercising in the pool is the amount of body weight the water takes off joints, making exercising with arthritic bones or even minor injuries much more comfortable for the participant. Individuals with any health condition should consult a doctor before participating.

Our classes are available to YMCA Members only (age 13 & Older).
Please scroll down to learn more about our classes.
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Aquacize with Nancy

This class has participants moving purposefully in the water and demonstrates how and why water exercise improves life outside the water. The class incorporates a cardiovascular workout to burn calories, yoga stretches to tone and strengthen muscles, as well as Ai Chi exercises to improve balance and promote relaxation.
Various types of equipment, such as noodles and weights, are utilized throughout the class. Participants leave “ENER-CHIZED”.

Aquacize with Patty

This is a great cardio workout especially beneficial for individuals suffering from arthritis, hip and leg injuries, or who are overweight and find it difficult to workout on dry land.

Aquacize with Angie

This heart pumping class is great for anyone. Angie combines cardio and muscle toning exercises in a high intensity workout. This is a great workout for the entire body. Each session ends with a few minutes of stretching.

Aquacize with Nina & Amy

Warning! This class will get your heart racing and every muscle in your body working. Come prepared to work those muscles you forgot you had. Nina keeps the class moving through a variety of cardiovascular and strength training exercises that keepyour pulse elevated through the entire class.

Aqua Zumba® with Isabelle

Aqua Zumba® is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance primarily using Latin music. It blends the fun moves of Zumba® with water resistance for a challenging workout that has less impact on your joint.

Please contact
Danielle McAvinue (Aquatics Director)
845 344 9622 ext. 253

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Lap Swim

During lap swim the pool is open to YMCA members who are capable of swimming continuously from one end of the pool to the other. Lap lanes can be split by 2 swimmers. If more than 3 swimmers are in any one lane those swimmers must circle-swim. The lifeguard on duty has full authority to create safe lap swimming lanes by organizing swimmers according to speed and ability. Swimmers who wish to do stationary exercise may use the slow lane if space is available.

Please contact
Danielle McAvinue (Aquatics Director)
845 344 9622 ext. 253

Please Note: The pool schedule, including all aquatics programs, is subject to change based on enrollment and usage.

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Swimming Lessons

Teen & Adult Swimming Lessons
(Ages 13 years & Older)

It's never too late to learn. Lessons are available for every ability level,
from the non-swimmer who is terrified of the water to the lap swimmer just
looking to improve their strokes. Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes.
(Ratio: 2 Instructors to 10 Adults)

Please contact
Danielle McAvinue (Aquatics Director)
845 344 9622 ext. 253

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Private Swimming Lessons

Looking for a more intense and individualized swimming lesson?

Private Lessons – Work one-on-one with one of our swimming instructors and schedule sessions around a more flexible schedule (30 minutes).

Semi Private Lessons – Its more fun to learn with a friend. Semi private lessons can be arranged for two swimmers of the same swimming ability.

Both private & semi private lessons can be arranged for either 30 minutes or 1 hour, however, the 1 hour lessons are only recommended for the more advanced swimmers looking to build endurance and focus on technique.

Please contact
Danielle McAvinue (Aquatics Director)
 845 344 9622 ext. 253

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Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Our Wellness Center is complete with free weights, strength training equipment, and cardiovascular machines including treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, summit trainers, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, AMT’s, ARC trainers, UBE’s, rowing machines, and an indoor track that is 1/20 of a mile (perfect for walking or jogging). Many of our cardio machines are equipped with individual televisions and all machines are in viewing distance of televisions that can be linked to the machine you are on. We ask members to please limit their workouts to 30 minutes during peak hours and to wipe down their machines with the antibacterial cleanser after each use.

Not sure how to use the machines? We can help…

  • Ask one of our friendly knowledgeable Trainers for help.
  • Sign up for your 2 FREE ORIENTATION sessions.
  • Sign up for PERSONAL TRAINING sessions.